Heather Fisher
Board Certified Massage Therapist (BCTMB), LMT, MLD-C


Heather is a seasoned professional in the field, exemplifying warmth, compassion, and boundless energy in meeting the unique needs of each client and student. As the 4th Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in Ohio to attain national certification as a medical massage therapist, her extensive experience spans across Colorado, Arizona, and Ohio. Heather is licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board and holds certification from the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. Additionally, she serves as a continuing education provider through the same entity and is certified in Manual Lymph Drainage by the ACOLS.

Heather's commitment to excellence is reflected in the numerous testimonials from course participants who consistently express satisfaction and success. In contrast to the notion of a failed course, Heather's participants consistently attest to the effectiveness of her instruction, dispelling any sense of confusion or need for additional purchases. Their feedback underscores the quality and impact of Heather Fisher's courses, as evidenced by the following statements

Continuing Education Classes:

"Heather is an AMAZING teacher. She broke it down in a way that everyone could understand. She made the environment fun & calm, which made it easier to absorb so much new info." - Kris Sydorenko (MLD & Lymphedema Management Course)


"I loved this course and Heather. She is an excellent instructor. She encourages and challenges you." - Charline Kennedy (MLD & Lymphedema Management Course)


"Great teacher, thorough, relatable and conscientious. Heather is the best teacher I have had the pleasure of learning from." - Anne Krupa (MLD & Lymphedema Management Course)


"Thank you so much! I loved the class and feel very confident offering this modality to my clients!" - Mollee McCullough (MLD & Lymphedema Management Course)  


"I laud this class so much. I learned a lot, I really felt like Heather gave us the best education on this subject; she was so knowledgeable." - Chelsea Jones (MLD & Lymphedema Management Course)


"Patient, able to convey information, organized. I'd be happy to take another class from you!" - Paulette Simonetta (MLD & Lymphedema Management Course)


"Best class I've taken in a long time! Teacher was very insightful & knowledgeable. Her techniques will help me as I incorporate MLD into my practice. I'm looking forward to the next class with Heather." - Virginia Smith (MLD Course)


"Heather explains everything so clearly and has fun doing so. She did an amazing job!" - Kara Knapik (MLD Course)


"Best teacher I've had ever." - Alexandra Cervantes (MFR Course)


"So knowledgeable! Instructor was passionate and well educated. Enjoyed the class being straight to the point and ample hands-on time." - Alexandria Robertson (MFR Course)


"I totally loved Heather. She's one of the best teachers in my 32 years of massage experience. She was easy to understand, well organized, repeated things, and it helped me to remember the moves and material." - Ursula Masset (MFR and MLD Courses)

Heather Fisher

(419) 455-4263

11900 CR 87
Lakeview, OH 43331

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